Kia Ora

Meraki Natural is a biotechnology organization focused on cannabis, established in 2018 we are based through Otago region.

Diverse engagement of industrial hemp & medical cannabis markets through products, services & studies with focus on innovation supporting current and future markets provide a robust business model.

Our broad scope of research & development activities are split between public good & commercial to balance the company in line with our core values. Common focus shared by these projects is to innovate and enable sustainable domestic economic growth.

Meraki marries science and nature with efficient design to enable a high level of energy management whilst ensuring sustainable responsible use of natural resources.


  • Consistently produce high-quality products that consumers can trust.

  • Farm organically in partnership with nature.

  • Permaculture approach to create functional and sustainable ecosystems.

  • Use low-waste and carbon-neutral practices.

  • Work efficiently, pursuing best working practices and a continuous strive to innovate.
  • Support local community, provide jobs and lead initiatives focused on adding value to local and global communities.

  • Utilize stainable business model that can be used as an example.

  • Balanced work streams between public good &  private commerce.

  • Support & forge the path towards a bio-circular economy.


Meraki Natural is ready to seize the opportunities of this burgeoning market and we’re looking for investors to join us.


Meet our small team of industry experts working to create a modern, sustainable and low-waste cannabis cultivation model.