Meet Meraki Natural

Based in the Central Otago region of New Zealand, Meraki Natural is a team of experienced and qualified individuals with expertise in a range of specialties. Working with our advisors, Meraki Natural is forging a modern business model for the cultivation of organic cannabis that’s sustainable, efficient and highly productive.



As a technical consultant and field specialist in the energy industry, I’m used to working in an industry which demands a high level of problem solving abilities combined with a practical capability to provide technical solutions. Through operating my own  international consulting company, I’m practiced and confident in bringing products to new markets, navigating complex legislation and managing technical processes. After working in the energy sector for 15 years, creating an energy-efficient, sustainably-focussed and organic medicinal cannabis company is a natural progression for me.

With Meraki Natural, I’m focussed on a truly green, organic and sustainable approach that best utilises natural resources and seizes the social, environmental and business opportunities available in this industry.

Guido Reincke


Born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I am fluent in four languages (Dutch, English, French and German) and have a lot of international commercial experience. Currently, I’m working as a commodity trader in the meat industry; I’m based between Rotterdam and London and I conduct business, both in purchasing and sales, in more than 50 countries. 

I have a detailed knowledge of international business and bring economics-focussed analytical skills to Meraki Natural. Working directly with importers, distributers and retailers all over the globe puts me in a good position to facilitate Meraki Natural’s global reach. The industry has huge potential and I am excited by the opportunities which lie ahead of us.


Advisor, Product Development/Compliance

I’m Managing Director of BioEquitas Ltd, a consultancy to the natural health, biotech and agritech industries. BioEquitas specialises in regulatory affairs, good manufacturing practice (GMP), new product development and scientific research and development. I’m a molecular biologist by training with more than 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and natural health industries and work with clients in multiple geographical markets and industry segments. Based in Auckland, I’m also a part-time Central Otago local and am passionate about opportunities this unique part of the world presents.


Advisor, Permaculture

I’ve been living and working with my family in the unusual sub-alpine/Mediterranean climate of Central Otago, New Zealand, for more than 20 years. My expertise includes permaculture design, organic growing methods and composting.

Also known as Dr Compost, I teach and write about home and commercial  composting solutions, and biochar production and use. I also design permaculture orchards, offer one- on-one mentoring and run hands-on organic gardening workshops.

I’ve developed an intimate knowledge of the soils and climate here and know how to grow and nurture plants by working with the environment.


Consultant, Agricultural

I grew up on my family’s crop farm in Madras Oregon, USA and then graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Agriculture Sciences and Technologies.  In 2019 we branched out from our traditional carrot and grass seed production to also grow 26 acres of certified CBD hemp.  Six acres were some of the first certified organic in the state.  It’s a beautiful plant with massive potential for people, business and the environment.

Living between the USA and New Zealand for the last eleven years I have seen first-hand the impact unsustainable farming can have on our environments, waterways, and riparian zones, and that’s why Meraki Natural’s organic and sustainable approach to growing this amazing plant is so important to me.

This is Meraki

“The word Meraki originates from modern Greek. It’s a term used to describe when something is done with soul, creativity and love. When you put yourself into the work, passion can be seen and felt from the outside.” – Owen Darby